Our Solar Installation Process

1. First Look

We’ll conduct an assessment (in person or online) to determine the best solar panel placement and design on and near your facility. In addition, we’ll gather electrical use data and review bills to determine if solar makes financial sense.

2. Inspections

Our Professional Engineers and Roofers will inspect your roof and facility, gathering roof structure measurements to identify where solar will be efficient and effective.

3. Calculations

We'll calculate accurate and reliable savings numbers through real-world electrical use data provided by you and combine this information with our roof and facility assessment findings.

4. Installation

Ohio’s top installation experts with years of solar implementation experience will install your solar system.

5. Post-Installation

We’re a genuine long-term partner providing monitoring and maintenance, we’ll be here to ensure we meet expectations. We have been in business for over 14 years, serving over 1000 customers throughout the US and Canada.

6. Maintenance

Our relationship will continue because we include a 5-year maintenance package with your purchase. Satisfaction is our mission.

Ready to see what comes next?

Our Complimentary Energy Assessment is the first step. It’s fast and comprehensive. Find out how solar energy will drastically reduce your costs.