Maintenance & Monitoring Services

Pearlwind will still be your partner long after executing your solar plan, and that's why we offer Monitoring and Maintenance services to keep you running at peak performance.

Each installation includes our 5-year Monitoring and Maintenance Package.

We continuously monitor key energy generation and inverter health levels, so we can assess and repair any issues to help keep your investment safe.

Pearlwind workers on a solar panel field analyzing energy output for maximum efficiency. Pearlwind workers on a solar panel field analyzing energy output for maximum efficiency

Variables that Could Impact Solar Panel Efficiency

Obstructions shading panels

Damaged or defective solar panels, inverters, and wiring

Excessive solar panel soiling (seen in dry and dusty environments)

High ambient or roof temperature levels that reduce panel efficiency

Animal damage

Charts and graphs showing power output over time

We’re Committed to Ensuring Solar Panel Efficiency

We'll install monitoring tools to maintain your solar system’s efficiency, including panel, ambient, and solar irradiation sensors and visual monitoring cameras. Combining these tools with our monitoring software lets us identify issues reducing system efficiency, so we can rapidly deploy enhancements that improve output.

Before and after installation, your Pearlwind Sustainability Expert and Account Manager will review the 5-year Monitoring and Maintenance inspection schedule included with your installation package and contract.

Pearlwind's Solar Maintenance Plan

Routine Maintenance Service Schedule

ServiceHow Often?
Inspection of facility’s general site conditions, PV arrays, electrical equipment, mounting structure, data acquisition system, and balance of systemAnnually
System testing, including string level open circuit voltage and dc operating amperage testsAnnually
Recalibration or replacement of sensors and metersAnnually
Thermal graphic imaging of connections and terminationsAnnually
Cleaning and removing dust from inverter heat sinksAnnually
Checking torque marks and re-tightening appropriate wiring connections to design specification torque forceAnnually
Removal of any materials (e.g. trash, birds' nests, etc.) that may be found under the PV array modules obstructing airflowAnnually
Inspect array mounting structure, conduit runs, and other physical components for wear or damageAnnually
Provide written facility maintenance report15 business days following performance of maintenance services

Facility Monitoring

Monitoring of daily performance ratio and specific yield of system as designedOngoing
Monitoring of alerts and failures of invertersOngoing

Have questions?

Our team is standing by to answer any questions you may have about our maintenance and monitoring services, or about whether solar would make sense for your company.