2022 is a Great Year for Commercial Solar.
Here's Why.

On average electric rates increase 3% per year. This year, supply rates could double. Solar reduces demand charges and kWh (kilowatt-hour) use year-round, reducing your overall electricity costs.  Lower demand and use = lower electricity costs.

With the Federal 30% tax credit and Bonus or MACRS depreciation, the Federal Government Tax Equity incentives are more valuable than ever. And, like past LED incentives, the savings won’t last.

Federal Tax Equity savings can save you an average of 46% off the total cost of your installation.

Pearlwind will engineer your solar system to offset 100% of peak summer electrical use (the most costly energy consumption months for most commercial businesses).

The ROI for a solar installation is, on average, 4-6 years. Pearlwind works with lenders, looking to finance intelligent, sustainable, cost-saving initiatives, giving you more than enough time to pay off the investment.

Quantifiable Solar Benefits & Savings

Solar panels capture sun rays rather than deteriorating your roof’s membrane. This doubles the lifespan of your roof, improving building efficiency and reducing air conditioning costs.

A beautiful sun rising over a white industrial roof that that rows of solar monitors and solar panels.
Man typing on calculator seeing how it makes sense to go with commercial solar sustainability

If we need to update your roof to make solar installation possible, the government considers the update a part of the solar tax credit and Bonus or MACRS depreciation program when used in combination.

Solar systems generate Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) in addition to power. RECs are a valuable trading commodity that can turn into a secondary income stream. Right now, Energy Credits are at an all- time high for solar.

The eye of the American dollar bill superimposed on a rising vertical bar graph meant to symbolize that the property owner's money will increase

The Bottom Line

With Pearlwind, your business can realize unparalleled energy savings. Are you ready to get started?

Additional Benefits to Going Solar

Solar from Pearlwind can mitigate or avoid traditional power grid costs altogether. After you’ve paid off the solar project, the cost of produced power is a mere fraction of what the utility charges.

Environmental Social Governance (ESG) holds your company accountable for its energy spending practices, so you’ll be in good standing with solar from Pearlwind. You’ll also look good to potential vendors and customers increasingly concerned about doing business with ethical companies that support sustainability.

ESG participation eliminates the potential for future penalties imposed on businesses that consume non-sustainable energy. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to report on your efficiency practices.

Ready to see what comes next?

Our Energy Assessment is the first step. It’s fast, comprehensive, and totally cost-free. Find out how solar energy will drastically reduce your costs.