The Pearlwind Story

Service Oriented and Family Operated Since 2008

Founded in 2008, Pearlwind is a WOSB Women-Owned Business, providing government, investors, and organizations with commercial and industrial leading sustainability solutions in the US, Canada, and the Caribbean for over 14 years.

Pearlwind excels at implementing sustainability strategies spanning solar, lighting, wind, water, and other environmentally-sound solutions.

We proudly offer end-to-end solutions backed by ongoing maintenance and support, to ensure you’re always satisfied. We’ll help you go solar successfully.

Pearlwind understands that communication and clear expectations are essential for any successful relationship. Our focus on these ensure you receive the best solutions for your needs.

The Pearlwind Story: 4 pictures that look like pie slices that make up a circle. This shows Installation planning including financing, laying the foundations, setting up the system and doing the inspection.

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We'll help your company save money by going green.