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Project Description

At MAS, we specialize in providing our customers with the appliances and electronics they desire for their business. MAS handles all operations in-house – from product selection and warehousing to order processing and shipping. This means you can have a single-source solution for your product needs.

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Approximate sq.ft – 38,000

Installation included:

32 – T12 2×4 4lamp fixtures retrofit T8 2lamp LBF PS Sylvania lamp 21577, Sylvania ballast 51428

14 – 400w mh replace with T8 6lamp HBF PS new fixture with occ sensor Sylvania lamp 22002, Sylvania ballast 49520

10 –  400w mh replace with T8 6lamp HBF new fixture Sylvania lamp 22002, Sylvania ballast 49921

8 – T12 8ft 2lamp retrofit T8 4lamp NBF kit w/8s reflector Sylvania lamp 22002, Sylvania ballast 49971

8 – 400w mh retrofit T8 4lamp kit NBF PS w/8s reflector w/occ sensor Sylvania lamp 22002, Sylvania ballast 51418

8 – 40w candelabras replace with 4w LED candelabra LET E251DC-10-4W2-300S