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Project Description

Magnetech Industrial Services is a recognized leader in the repair, service and supply of electrical apparatus, and we are the only company that services equipment from the transformer to the driven component. We service all your equipment, including transformers, switchgear/circuit breakers, AC/DC motors and generators, exhaust fans, pumps, compressors, gear boxes, overhead cranes, electromagnetic lifting magnets and more.

– www.magnetech.com

Installation included:

39 – 400w mh replace with T8 6lamp new fixtures Sylvania 22002, 49921

13 – T12 2×4 4lamp retrofit T8 2lamp LBF Sylvania 21577, 49838

18 – (21) T12 2×4 4lamp reduce andn retrofit (18) T8 2lamp LBF ballast Sylvania 21577, 49838

10 – T12 4ft 2lamp retrofit T8 2lamp LBF Sylvania 22002, 49838