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WIREFRAMESPearlWind will help illuminate your business! At PearlWind we take pride in helping other businesses lower their operational costs by upgrading to efficient lighting. While PearlWind also offers efficient energy solutions using Solar, and Wind technologies, efficient Lighting is what we are best known for. We understand how busy the day-to-day operations at any given facility can be, so we have perfected a process that will save you time, money, and headaches. PearlWind offers a free assessment of your facility by one of our energy experts so you know just how much money you can save before you even make a decision on pursuing a project. Our staff will then work with you to give any recommendations or answer any questions you may have about the project. We understand that every client is unique and our staff will work you for as long as it takes to find a lighting solution that works best for you. We want to make sure that there is nothing hidden between us and our clients. We also want to make sure that our clients understand all the happenings with the project and PearlWind is the very best when it comes to teaching others about efficient energy. We also offer samples so you can see for yourself the kind of difference our lighting can make. During the installation process our highly trained electricians keep disturbances to the workplace to an absolute minimum, so you don’t miss a day of work. Our customers always appreciate our great customer service. We believe the job isn’t done until our clients are completely satisfied. We do our best to brighten up your workplace, and your day. 

Why should you be interested in upgrading to efficient lighting in the first place? The benefits to your company are endless. The first reason as always is that upgrading to efficient lighting will put money back in to your pocket. While the upfront cost for new lighting is greater, you are actually losing money every second you don’t make the switch. You will immediately see your energy bill drop and most businesses see their new lighting pay for itself between a period of 1 and a half years to 3 years. After you’ve seen your return on investment you will continue to save money monthly. Besides saving on your utilities there are many other reasons to upgrade. All of our lighting products are better for the environment. We also take pride in promoting green energy and any bulb we replace we make sure to recycle it in the correct way so harmful substances don’t hurt the environment. There are many aesthetic reasons to switch over. New lighting products such as LEDs can give your business a cleaner and more professional look. It could make the workplace substantially cooler and could even improve worker morale.


A solid-state light that uses light emitting diodes or L.E.D. These sources offer longer bulb life and higher energy efficiency, Even though initial costs are higher than those of fluorescent bulbs, the return on investment (ROI) can in some situations be in months due to low draw compared to incandescent and other inefficient / old technologies. LED bulbs can also be used in a retro-fit situation that uses old fixtures modified to accept the more efficient LED to replace the less efficient lamps.


Induction Lighting has been around for over a century, and yet only recently has the advancements in Electronic Ballast and Generator technology allowed it to become a truly viable solution for the commercial sectors. Induction lighting has been in use in other countries like Asia, Australia, and Europe,

for quite some time, but only recently has it caught on in North America because of the green initiatives recently offered, induction lighting technology is now topping the charts as one of the best choices for energy efficient lighting across the United States.


Fluorescent lighting is created from a gas-discharge lamp that uses electricity to excite the contained mercury vapor. A fluorescent light / lamp converts electricity into light much more efficiently than an incandescent light source. At about 60 lumens per watt, the fluorescent lamp is capable of about four times the efficacy of an incandescent light source. Tube fluorescent lamps use a ballast inside of the fixture that while generally have a higher initial cost, the lower energy draw ends up paying for itself in a matter of years.