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Energy Efficient


PearlWind designs, engineers and installs renewable power solutions such as wind and solar panels to arrays as well as highly energy efficient LED, Fluorescent, and Induction lighting solutions in both commercial and residential situations. We also offer maintenance on all of our installations.

In today's hard economic times, combined with the growing concerns of global climate change and the importance of energy efficiency, renewable energy, generating equipment just makes sense.

Energy Usage

What is distributed energy versus traditional transmission and distribution?

Distributed energy means using an electricity generator in close proximity to your business, or home that could be used with load management and if needed a battery bank to minimize or prevent power failures from causing down time. Distributed refers to the placement of the generator close to the point of usage – this is different from standard central power plants that generate power at a far away, large scale plant, and then send electricity through the aging power grid to the business or home.

Off the grid? Not necessarily…

This does not mean you have to go “off the grid”. Some customers will opt to tie-in to existing power source to offset the usage, and therefore cost from the utility, while at the same time convey to their employees, customers and the community their strong commitment to responsible environmental stewardship.

Energy usage:

Having your own power generation unit is a wonderful concept and we can implement a wide variety of different power generators ranging from solar to wind and beyond. Now imagine having all of this and continuing to use your old energy wasting technologies such as inefficient lighting, it’s a contradiction. We also provide consultation to extensively lower power consumption from new highly efficient lighting systems – fluorescent, LED lamps / fixtures to induction lighting. We have successfully sold and installed many solutions for customers that are now enjoying a significant month to month savings and meeting a realistic ROI (return on investment). So whatever your organization chooses, be it “off the grid” or “grid tie in” an obvious choice would be to use less energy.

Energy Efficient

Wind and Solar:

Our engineers and installers are field experienced and NABCEP certified. Wind turbines and Solar Photovoltaic Generators (PVG) will reduce your electric bill immediately and help you control the costs of your electricity for a minimum of 25 years. This also allows you to accumulate valuable Renewable Energy Credits (REC's) which you can sell like stock, and engage your company in the Clean Green Energy Revolution.


We offer the newest advances in lighting technologies – LED, Induction, and Fluorescent bulbs. Reduce your lighting costs by up to 75%. Our products meet or beat the Department of Energy high efficiency standards. 10+ years, 100,000 hour rated bulb life, rapid start, instant re-strike. With possibilities to easily and cost effectively retrofit or install new fixtures, we have it covered; 43 styles, indoor fixtures, outdoor fixtures, security lighting, flood lighting, parking lots, garages, industrial and roadway.


Go Green while saving

Cut your greenhouse gas emissions.

Reduce your contribution to climate change.

Help drive demand for greener energy.

Develop the renewable energy sector, helping it to compete with less costly, but more polluting coal and gas based generation.

Efficiency is our goal

One of the best things that individuals can do to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions from electricity is to use less.

With recent changes in standards and advancing technologies with light bulbs, it is important for consumers to understand efficient light choices, including the energy and money savings associated with Induction, LEDs, and CFLs. PearlWind has the knowledge to guide you through the selection process, and take the project from start to finish.

Another thing to consider is that there are many government incentives that you can cash in on during the "going green" phase - PearlWind also has well quallified individuals to handle that facet of the project as well!

Besides using less energy you also have the option for renewable energy - PearlWind knows the ropes, and we deal in all kinds of renewable energy. Give us a call!